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Theories of Liability

In business cases, plaintiffs often try to include as many defendants as possible, to increase the chances that damages will be paid.  Accordingly, plaintiffs will often argue that companies should be held responsible for the actions of their employees and agents, and that the individuals running a company should be held personally liable for the actions of the corporate defendant.

To combat this “shotgun” approach to litigation, defendants will naturally argue that liability for damages is limited in one of several ways: that the owners of a corporation, LLC, or LLP are not liable for the damages caused by the company; the company is not responsible for the actions of its employees-agents who were acting outside of their scope of employment; and so forth.

Well-pled lawsuits against multiple corporate and individual defendants should identify the various “theories of liability” as to why each defendant should be held liable for the actions of the other parties. This following list are the most common theories of liability seen in business litigation: