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Out of State Clients

Many potential clients and client principals do not live in Nevada, although they have or had business interests in the state, directly or indirectly.  For example, many Nevada LLCs and corporations are owned by non-Nevada principals.  Those businesses may own real estate or operate businesses in Nevada or elsewhere.  Simply being a Nevada-registered business can make the business, and its principals, subject to Nevada laws and its court system.

If you or your company is being sued in Nevada, you have to defend using a Nevada-licensed attorney.  If you have a potential case as plaintiff in which Nevada is a possible venue, please call us to discuss the situtation; there are many reasons, including specific litigation strategies, why Nevada may or may not be the best venue for you.  Nevada does have a very good court system, good judges, and straightforward statutes compared to many other states.

In most cases, our out-of-state clients never need to travel to Nevada.  We have represented businesses and individuals from all over the United States that we never met face-to-face.

We know how important your case is to you, and strive to offer excellent communication with all of our clients.  We commonly receive referrals from out-of-state clients who appreciated our strong advocacy, diligence, accessibility, and good communication.