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Business Fraud

A tort is an intentional or negligent action or inaction by one party that causes harm or injury to another. That harm give rise to liability in a way that is distinct from either breach of contract or statutory violations. Other than claims relating to breach of contract or statutory violations, many lawsuits include tort claims, such as fraud.

Torts come in a variety of types, the roots of which are based in common law, rather than by statute. To successfully sue on a tort, a plaintiff has to prove each of its component factors, which are called elements. Fraud, for example, requires proving the defendant’s intent to defraud. A successful defense merely has to disprove one of the elements for that particular tort.

At Atkinson Law Associates, we have compiled a list of torts allowed by law in the State of Nevada, along with each element that must be proved. A list of Nevada torts relating to businesses (either as plaintiffs or defendants), by category, is shown below. The following is for informational purposes only; this information is not legal advice and is not a substitute for consulting an attorney. Every legal situation is unique and only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice for your specific problem. To speak to an attorney in our office, please call (702) 617-3200.

Economic Torts

Injuries to a Person or Property

Defamation Torts

Invasion of Privacy

Abusive Use of the Legal System